Half way through today and the sun is out and the guys are making good time and on target to possibly achieve their treat this afternoon!!

Can anyone out there guess what it might be??……. answers on a post card please and send it to…(do you still get postcards??)

The route today will take the team passed Taunton then up to Bridgwater then passed Weston-Super-Mare then on to Almondsbury, Bristol where they will be staying at Dove Court B&B this evening.

**Update with regards to Strava!!…..Yesterdays (day 2 ) Strava route will be loaded up this evening with today’s route as there seemed to be no one awake to send it to me last night….so apologies.

Folks on another note the Just Giving total today is sitting at £4,800.00 just short of half way and 10 days left to go please LIKE and SHARE these post’s and get DONATING (every little helps)  to the fantastic cause and help boost these guys moral and make the £10,000.00 target that has been set for the Charity Cycle….Total is just £200.00 pounds short of half way we need to see this total rise so please please if you can.. get DONATING.



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