Aquatic Treadmill

Cross-training made easy with the addition of our underwater treadmills

Walk, jog, or run on our Underwater Treadmill, and you’ll burn as many calories as on a dry-land treadmill.
You’ll also enjoy:

  • An increased range of motion
  • Less muscle soreness (perfect for recovery runs)
  • Minimal joint impact (no dry-land pounding!)
  • All-direction resistance for a more thorough workout

Contact Our Endless Pools Team
On Tel: 01292 254 452

Contact Our Endless Pools Team
On Tel: 01292 254 452

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Use the Underwater Treadmill with our swim current to vary the intensity while developing your core conditioning. The speed of each adjusts independently, so you can tailor every workout to take your fitness to the next level.

You can achieve immediate rehabilitation results in water, even when it’s too painful to exercise on dry land. Plus you can start earlier so you can get back to your normal life sooner.

Maximize the potential of your Endless Pool! The Underwater Treadmill is hydraulically powered by a 5-hp motor and includes a handy, water-resistant remote control. You can also inquire about our Manual Underwater Treadmill.
It’s a safe, beneficial option for people with arthritis and other joint disorders; muscular dystrophy; muscle atrophy; and lower-extremity injuries.
A spacious 21″ wide belt
Speeds from 0.8 – 8 km/h
Versatility from rehab to competitive cross-training
Easy installation
Stainless-steel components for smoother, longer-lasting performance (new for 2016!)

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