Late post today guys did set off around 8.30am but again signal problem down loading pitures.

Another day on the tarmac for these amazing guys. Day 4 and for us folks at home its seems to be flying in however i am not so sure this is the same case for the team!!

Weather today is overcast with some sunny intervals hopefully they guys won’t get burn today unlike yesterday.

The guys are heading to Stourbridge and will be passing through the following places Dursley, Tewkesbury, Upton apon severn,Worcester and on to there final destination for this evening the Talbot Hotel B&B in the High Street Stourbridge.  Please if you see the guys say hi and give them a wave.

A long day ahead with again loads of hills to climb and roughly 100 miles to cover will keep you posted later today on there progress.

Folks please LIKE and SHARE these post and get the word out there that there are 5 amazing fantastic, ordinary day to day guys out there bursting it for a fantastic Charity….. Choe’s Chemoo Cows….all donations are welcome however big or small it all makes a difference every penny counts….Thanks in advance for your support to date and if you have just joined us today Welcome on board and stay stay tuned.

Sorry i have just been told that the last paragraph is not quire right there are 7 guys the other 2 just hang about in the vans!!………….If you would like to support these guys give a big shout out to Graham Byron and Gary Byron who are the teams support drivers and with out these guys we would not be getting the pictures that are posted and the video footage that will be posted later today….so a massive shout out to these guys.


Looks like the PRICE TAG as fell off the one on the left!!…… must be free to a good home.!! (any offers??)

Public notice…………No animals where harmed in the making of this picture!!. (Just need to be PC these days)

Sorry guys i was going to comment on this picture but …….. I have been advised that i will not have a job if i do !!!

Again folks here are Meirion’s details if any one is looking for a HOT TUB in or around the Bristol area.

Meirion many thanks again for the use of the spa’s yesterday as the guys are feeling recharged for the day ahead.

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