Hi folks just so you don’t think you have missed a post today there only is 2 posts today however this one is fully loaded!!

Long, Long long day for the guys who left at 8,15am this morning and just got into hotel tonight at 8pm knackerd.  12hrs in the saddle can’t be good for you but again these guys just dig deep and get on with it.

Weather has been amazing today with no rain and as for being overcast it did not last long, so all in all a good day for cycling. There were some major hill climbs again today so required loads of water stops and food intake but all going well. Guys are tired but in good spirits.

Parking at the hotel was a problem as there was a carnival in the town and all roads where closed however they have managed to blag parking from Evans Halshaw car dealership in the town so a massive thank you to these guys plus also Mel the traffic warden for letting the guys through the road closed signs and diversions.

The guys are staying at the Talbot Hotel in Stourbridge if you passing, or if you were at the carnival you probably have seen the guys or have said hello so thanks for this. Loads of support and donations as usual please keep the donations coming and LIKE and SHARE these posts.

Please scroll right down on this post as there is some video footage from day 1 and part of day 2 plus also the strava relive footage of the cycle today with regards to data for speed distance and miles covered etc. Again a smashing day and some really good publicity. Roll on tomorrow till we do it all again see you then.

Not sure this is in the training manual however it is well deserved!!

As you can see from the above picture we will hopefully have some Ariel video footage coming you way at some point throughout the cycle . This is thanks to Graham and Gary from QED Sound and Vision….Thanks Guys.

Click on picture below for more information on today’s relive route.

Some major hills cycled up today game on guys.


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