Morning Folks well day 5 all ready (easy for me to say) and nearly half way through the charity cycle guys are all holding up well some sore muscles but only to be expected.

Weather to be good today sun no sign of rain but that means nothing!! Guys had a good nights sleep and ready to go again. Hotel was great, staff fantastic could not do enough for the team and breakfast this morning hit the spot and guys all ready for what should be another good cycle and not as hard with regards to the hill climbs, so i have been told.

Hopefully everyone got the update last night as it was heavily loaded with content and a couple of videos courtesy of QED sound and vision. I have spoken with Graham this morning and all going well with the weather and route permitting we may have some drone footage this evening so one to watch out for.

We have had loads of people contact us over the duration of the cycle to ask where the team is setting off from after their overnight stay in Ayrshire. I have had a conversation with Mark last night and the decision from the team is THE OLD TOWN HOUSE IRVINE 8am on Friday the 7th July anyone wishing to cycle and set off with the guys and follow them please feel free to do so your support is much appreciated.

Folks please LIKE and SHARE these posts, at present we are currently posting out to an audience in excess of 20,000 people and as everyone like and shares these post who knows the audience numbers that we are reaching or can reach so spread the word for this fantastic cause and get donating

Again just a quick thanks to everyone in the team and in the background making this happen and keep up the good work.A ll support no matter how big or small it has all helped make this charity cycle happen!!

Having so much support behind them is helping to drive the guys on and is appreciated greatly.  Tonight’s accommodation is Villagio B&B in Folly Lane

Have a great day everyone more posts later keep tuned.



Looks like a picture of a man in the zone!!..

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