Day 7 here we go!!….weather today to be sunny……guys i think you will need to get the sun cream out and Mark i think you need to hide your legs after that video the other night!!

Another day in the saddle and getting there. I think another wee treat of a hot tub in Scotland might be looming for the guys as there legs could do with a massage and some hydrotherapy.

On the home run!!!!! Over half way there. What an amazing achievement already. We are also so excited to let you all know that the Just giving amount raised is standing at £5120.00 which has increased by over £ 1000.00 pounds since the LEJOG adventure begun not counting donation yet to be added from . Let’s try to increase that even more, every penny counts. The guys will be staying at Glenlossie Guest House tonight in Dumfries, however I am sure you will find them in the Caldeonian Hotel later in the evening catching a bite to eat.

Today will be a challenge as the guys take on there biggest challange yet  Shap Fell hill this climbs to some 440 meters so a really massive day ahead of the guys and will put there bodies to the test!!…Good luck guys.

This is a a nice picture off Dave Paterson’s client in Kendal Mardix so big shout out to these guys there are the UK leading provider of critical power systems



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