Journey today has taken the group from Kendal to Dumfries through Penrith, Carlisle and finally on to their hotel this evening in Dumfries. The guys are finally back in Scotland as you can see from the pictures below but not without some problems today.

First bit of damage of the cycle!!.. Stevie’s bike has decide to break today on Shap Hill climb where the gear mechanism had decide to break, causing the chain and gears to jam up and throw him off the bike.

Stevie is ok and not hurt but glad it was on the way up and not on the way down or it could have been a very different story that we are posting. Stevie will now until Friday be cycling on the spare bike as his will be brought back early tomorrow for repair by Duncan at Irvine Cycles as they have serviced and looked after the guys bikes from the start of the cycle with regards to servicing and repairs. Again a massive thank you to Duncan for the good work and hopefully we will have Stevie’s bike back for the Scottish leg of the cycle.

Second bit of damage today was Mark’s bike where again on Shap Hill climb managed to damage a wheel but again he is ok and no injury’s.

A monumental day with the guys reaching the border and with a good rest tomorrow in their own beds bring on Scotland!!


Damage to Stevie’s bike plus it looks as if it has also broke the Frame where the wheels bolt on!!

Looks like the guys have given Stevie some first aid by means of a Cuddle and all is good!!

Click on link below for more information on today’s route from Kendal to Dumfries


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