Well folks just to keep you up to speed Caldera Spas Scotland have  teamed up with these five guys that are going to be going on a wee road tour of the UK in aid of charity.

On the 29th June to the 12th July these guys will be cycling from Lands End to John -O-Groats in aid of an amazing charity!  Chloe’s Chemoo Cows. The cycle is expected to take 12 days leaving on the 29th June 2017 from Lands Ends and arriving at John -O-Groats on the 12th July 2018…,,.oops sorry wee typo  2017…(i was close it was 12 something???)

Over the last 4-5 months Mark (Chloe’s Dad) and the rest of the team (Stevie Gilmore, Gary Crombie, David Paterson, Berny Mullin, Gary Hardy) have been training every weekend in preparation for the cycle from one end of the UK to the other.

Caldera Spas Scotland will be with them all the way from day one!!!.. Blogging,website updates, Facebook and contacting  local Radio stations and newspapers in the area’s that the guys will be cycling through on this amazing adventure to raise the charity awareness and raise as much money as possible for such a worth while cause.

This weekends training, the guys managed 5 ferries and 91 miles cycled island hoping keep your eyes open as they could be in a town or village near you soon.


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