Well folks day 1 over and done!!

Guys are just about to bed down for the evening and looking forward to another day on the road hopefully the weather is a bit kinder tomorrow as the guys really had a tough one today with the drive down throughout the night and the wind and rain all day it really was hard going but they made good time taking into account all of the above and after today’s effort from everyone things are looking good!!….Well done guys great achievement today.

You would not think these guys have done the following in the last 36 hrs !!..Been to work 8 hrs…Driven 13 hrs = 600 miles…. Cycled 97.5 km for 6 Hrs 26 mins and by the looks of things not even broke sweat!!

Again folks i know i keep saying it but please please LIKE and SHARE these posts and help us get the word out there that the world is not all bad and there are people out there helping people in need at a difficult time in there lives.

Stay tuned for tomorrows updates and see these guys get closer to their target and please remember to like and share plus donate if possible as every penny counts.

Also a Mooooassive thanks to Jay Jay and his staff for looking after the guys at St Benet’s Abbey a beautiful place to stay if you are in the area.

There contact details are as follow St Benet’s Abbey Truro Road, Lanivet Cornwall PL30 5HF  Tel: 01208 831352

https://www.stbenetsabbey.co.uk/  or email    

Click picture below for video of today’s route.

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