Just to keep all customers up to date with our growing business.  Ayrshire Log Cabins will be opening a new Log Cabin & Hot Tub Showroom in Jan 2014.  Our company was founded in May of 2007 where we started selling log cabins from home with the help of a small cabin to show clients.

Shortly afterwards we had raised enough funds to site a log cabin at Nurseries Direct garden centre where we where able to send clients,  instead of the growing numbers that were starting to descend on our home at morning noon and night which don’t get me wrong was good for business but not so good for family life. It was with the growing interest in cabins that we had to start looking for business premises around November/December 2008, and it was at this  point we got talking with Prestwick Int Airport and finally moved in on Jan 2009.  Again another good step up the ladder for the business and again business was good and word was getting about. The cabins were doing great, interest was good and we also had a lot of clients looking for cabins or gazebo’s to house hot tubs!!! It was at this point we felt that we where missing out in a good business opportunity with the amount of client’s that had hot tubs we decided to look into becoming a hot tub dealer.

Feb 2008 we became an Arctic spa’s Hot Tub Dealer for the West Coast of Scotland yet again another expansion for the business going from strength to strength this also helped carry the business through the winter months with service and repair works not just for Arctic spa but Jacuzzi, Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Coast Spa’s basically a lot of all the major brands and getting ourselves a good name within the hot tub industry and local client base on the West Coast.

Ayrshire log cabins have always been looking for the opportunity to keep growing the business with our clients in mind and around October 2011 we where approached by the Worlds largest Hot Tub Manufacturer Watkins Incorp who manufacture Hot Spring & Caldera spa’s at this point it was purely on going conversations as to there product, service and warranty these conversations went on for some time approx. 2 years our main reason for this was that the product we had Arctic Spa was also one of the major players and we where happy with the product and the spec was good at this time.

After a long consultation period with Watkins Incorp we decided in Feb 2013 that we would change spa brand manufacture and be come the only Caldera Spa Dealer for the North Of England and the whole of Scotland again expansion and growth of our business in this very difficult financial climate in which has seen us out grow our current showroom hence the reason for the move in Jan 2014.

Further plans are also in the pipe line for 2014 for other showroom facilities in Scotland however we will be honest it is early days but we will keep you up todate as things progress.

We hope the above is of some help in supplying information about our company and its growth over the last 7 years and would like to thank all clients old and new for there continued support over the years and like wise from us if there is anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us on   or Tel 01292 254 452  Again many thanks.


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