Exceptional solutions, available with semi cabinet design. We have now designed two sitting places, so you can use professional swimming and unique massage in parallel. A side-mounted filter housing is now placed at the end of the swimming area, so that the floating area is wider. Versatile use, perfect combination for swimming and children’s paddling. Turbine: extremely low power consumption with significantly high flow rate.

Net Weight (kg) / Water Volume (l) 1150 kg / 8 036l
Frame Stainless steel
Side cover HorizontSideTM
Reinforcement Fiberglass reinforced
Insulation Polyfoam (2 cm)
Drains D50 ball valve

Opt. power requirement

Min. power requirement*

1×44A 230V/50Hz or
3×16A 400V/50Hz
1×14A 230V/50Hz

Control Box Gecko (IN.YE-3)
Control Panel SmartTouch
Total Number of Jets 26pcs
Laminar fountain jets 2pcs
Heater 3kW
Pumps (hydro massage) 1 pc 3 HP single speed + Circ. pump
Pumps (swim spa) Turbine
Cartridge filter 4 pcs Superfine paper filters
Water sanitization UV-C
LED lights 18 pcs LED 
Headrests 2pcs
sound system AquaSoulTM Pro 4.1 
SmartPhone app – wifi connection Yes
Auxiliary control panel
Thermo cover Yes
Swimming stick Fix
Heat exchanger preparation Fix

Shell Colours

Cabinet Colours

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