Issue with some plug & play hot tubs….. over the years we have seen our fair share of hot tub issues however more recently we have come across a lot of plug & play hot tubs / spas that clients have purchased and don’t really know a lot about them and how dangerous they can be in the outdoor environment.

The picture above is of a spa that our engineer was called out to as the spa was tripping the house out and the client could not understand what was wrong!… Clearly water was getting into the plug however the plug was installed into an IP rated socket but this was not the correctly rated socket that was required for outdoor use. In turn allowing water to get into the plug and causing it to trip the house. How many more spas are out there that have this problem????

Again if we can be of any help with any aspect of your hot tub please don’t hesitate to contact us at Caldera spa’s Scotland on 0845 2220567 where our staff will be happy to help with any enquiry.


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