Over the last 6 years now we have been dealing with all types of spa issue’s from water changing, supply of new filters, replacement covers, warranty repairs, servicing and breakdowns.  After 6 years in the spa industry you think you have seen it all however it just ceases to amaze me the amount of clients that don’t even know that their spa has a filter or that it needs cleaned or changed on a regular basis!!  Please see below and example of a phone conversation from a client the other day.

Client: Hi there I have a problem with my spa it is not heating and there is an error code FLO.

Tech : No problem at all can I ask have you cleaned the filter lately.

Client: What filter?

Tech: Can you confirm the age of the spa and for how long you have had it?

Client : EHhh I think we moved into the house approximately 5 years ago.

Tech: And you have never changed or clean the filter.

Client: like I said what filter I did not know it had one.

This is becoming more and more common due to the amount of clients that have moved to a house that have never had a spa before or have purchased a spa online that gets delivered to there driveway and they are left to there own devices to install the spa and get on with it.

With regards to ourselves it is totally the opposite we have a team of factory trained staff behind us to help in any which way we can from the sale right through to installation, water training, spa set up, maintenance, service & repairs please feel free to contact us at any time as one of our staff will be more than happy to help with your enquiry where weather you are an existing client , new client or have a spa that the dealer is no long in business or are not happy with the service you receive.

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